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What the pupils say

"Home schooling has been going really well this time, I have enjoyed it because we have been doing Zoom chats which we did not do last time. I have loved seeing my friends in the Zoom calls. With the Zoom calls I understand more of what we are doing than last time because I can ask you questions straight away. I like doing the arithmetic questions before the calls start so you can show me what I got right or got wrong. I love seeing you respond to my work and when you do it, it makes me think you are proud of me which I like. The extra maths zoom calls are so helpful it helps me understand more about what we are doing like today when we talked through the scaling.

I really like learning about South America and all of its countries, I love then doing powerpoint presentations to show you what I have learned. My favourite lesson is English because we get to write out our sentences and then read them to you and my friends, I like everyone hearing what have written. The Explorer book (we are currently reading) is the best book after Podkin One-Ear."


"I'm actually really enjoying home learning. The zoom lessons are fun especially when we made a raft and did a blubber experiment to see how penguins keep warm. I like being able to do work independently in the afternoon and I like ticking off things when I've done them. I'm enjoying being able to take my dog Coco for a walk after lunch. I quite often go for a run or a bike ride too. Being able to have a bacon sandwich for lunch is also a bonus! My teacher has made home learning good :)"



I enjoy doing home learning because I can see more people then if I just Facetimed and I have spent more time on my work . This year was my first year on Zoom and I really enjoy still being able to see my teachers...live lessons makes it much easier for me. It is not as good as being in school but it's better than not being able to see others and to see how they are doing."